Things on mind

Like changes. Having a tough time. Here it goes. Im changing titles to respect others. First is im about to reach milestone. Im going to reach 50!!
My friend shes goimg through a rough time over weigh, no job, mo boyfriend. Shes wont respond toy phone calls emails. Im trying to support her. But all she doea is scrutiny me on everything. I never realized how jealous envy of me she is. She cant move on or worst cant accept her failures. Or better change to different to find peace.
Give an example. She still think shes going to find an Indian man to love her. But before she does she has to clean house. Shes a sloppy disorganized person. Her house a mess. Get organized. Then second change go approach men in public but in a calm way. Yhen go exercise, find you beauty put some care in yourself. Third be happy stop attacking me. Been your friend qnd always had your back. No more abuse no more pain. See you faults change lose weight keep house in order, get a part time job, mix and mingle with others. Cater to that special. Ita hard to say this be submissive be his supporter peace will come. Happiness love sex most of have found peace being happy will let you see the relationships you have abused in years. Because at peace freedom.


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