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Marilyn Monroe Nude Photos

Frank Wilkins
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The Death of Marilyn MonroeThroughout her career, Marilyn Monroe participated in several nude photography shoots, including the now famous Tom Kelley “Red Velvet” Calendar shot and the Vogue Magazine “Last Sitting” session with Bert Stern at the Bel Air Hotel in Los Angeles in 1962. In that shoot, the actress posed for some 2500 photos behind a semi-see-through, silky cloth that did little to mask the seductress’s beauty.

No one would could have possibly known the impact these photos would have on popular culture at the time. In fact, one of the Kelley photos would go on to become Playboy Magazine’s first centerfold, and would launch the publication into worldwide consciousness with a total of 54,000 copies sold. It is so iconic, many fans still prize the highly desired photo on the internet some 50 years later.

Unfortunately, Marilyn Monroe would die from a drug overdose less than a year after posing for the Bert Stern photos.

You can view some of her nudie pics below.




Scroll down to see some naughty, nude photos of Marilyn Monroe. But be forewarned, they are not safe for work!

marilyn monroe nude photo

marilyn monroe nude  photo

marilyn monroe nude  photo

marilyn monroe nude  photo

marilyn monroe nude  photo


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