Will The Real Woman Please Stand Up

I know I am a grown woman…
an honorable, Catholic raised Caribbean woman…
Taught not to have sex before marriage, not before the age of 18…
Taught to be kind, yet feeling deprived and ever curious about…

“What’s the “norm?”
I’m enjoying this ride like life has just begun.
Loving it every moment.

I see a nice man,

Tall, sexy and hot…  just looking at him…

…just looking at him.
Making me hot, juicy…    and so much more.

What the hell am I going to do now?
I am wearing a short white summer dress

With a white lace thong and my stiletto heels.

He’s just looking at me

Covered in the fine mist of his desire.

He comes across the floor towards me…

Looking…   Penetrating with his eyes.
I have been bumping into this Gentle Man…

Seen him frequently,

In different locations

both in

and outside of my mind…
He finally walks up to me and says

“Hello beautiful…”

At this moment

We’re both intrigued by each other,
And I do feel beautiful, and say “Hello.”

He orders for me…

“Grey Goose on the rocks…


All the while I’m feeling his heat.
He ask me to dance and takes my hand

“Three Times A Lady” plays softly

as he guides me to the dance floor.

Dancing here,

Close to him,

I can feel the flow begin…

Being wrung from me…

Flowing away.

Trying to calm what he knows he has begun,

he caress my back…

…My hips…



Tracing his fingers firmly up my sides as we sway,

he places my arms over his shoulders and leans down

breathing heat into the well between my neck and shoulder.

Hands return to hip and ass…

Knees bend as we dip in time.

As we rise and stand my knee continues upward

Heel hooked behind his thigh as I’m lifted from the floor

dancing on air.

My climax comes just like this,

Suspended in mid air

As he lowers me to surround him

This late bloomer once held in check,

unafraid now, a grown woman

enjoying her sexuality and more…
enjoying this ride and not looking back.


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